Constipation plagues millions of people… WebMd’s slideshow (see link below) tell you the biggest culprits that seem to create constipation and to avoid the. It is my thinking that is all good, but why not fix the problem in the first place, YOUR GUT. Constipation effect are not just immediate problems, pain and feeling like crap (no pun intended). Unfortunately, the accumulatory effect can have profound impact on your health and not in a good way. If you are plagued by this problem, let’s talk. I have some solutions for you… and an initial strategy secession is complimentary.


Facing Diabetes Head On

Facing Diabetes Head On

Do you have type 2 diabetes or are you at risk for developing it? LifeStyle changes are necessary to bring beneficial outcomes. I have read research that demonstrates diabetes (type 2) as a lifestyle induced disease and therefore can be prevented. If you have been diagnosed, it can be in most cases reversed and or managed. Here are some tools and insights that hopefully will motivate you to do whatever it takes not to self-inflict this disease on yourself. If you are prediabetic or in the early stages of diabetes, implementing the right actions can prevent, lessens or reverses this epidemic disease. Take control and minimize the effect that are effective, but it require 100% commitment and discipline on your part. You can do it. I have been a practicing physician for over 30+ yrs. I have seen many people with chronic illness and disease, diabetes is one disease that doesn’t have to have an ugly outcome.

5 D’s of Self-Managing Diabetes/Dr R. Tuckson says and a typical western medicine approach:

  1. Doctors (see your doctor);
  2. Drugs (take them);
  3. Data (tack your numbers)
  4. Diet (manage diet)
  5. Determination (be determined to see it through)

This is okay if you want status quo… and maybe it will not progress, maybe.

How is this approach dealing with the cause? It is NOT. And- there is nothing wrong with the 5 self-managing tips that Dr Reed Tuckson outlined, in fact they are perfect if you ‘just’ want to manage a disease, that is now affecting 1 in 3 people in this county.It is on the same ratio as heart disease. Tracking those numbers are incredibly scary. In fact, the direct relationship to each other is nearly 100%.  To boot, it is estimated that 40% of diabetes patients, end up with Alzheimer. I do not know anyone who wants to loose their brain, but you will if you do not take action given the current stats if you do not get this handled.

If you are serious and you want to go to the cause while managing this disease… then you need to take your commitment to another level.

  1. Inflammation– is the root cause, that is where real treatment begins.
  2. Food is medicine, choose wisely.
  3. Exercise add years to your life. Move daily, because if you don’t you are going to die a lot sooner.

If the light at the end of the tunnel gives you more quality to your life and life to live with what is most important to you, then…the choice is a no brainer. It took years of abuse to get to this diagnosis. It is not necessarily going to be an easy road back… Is it possible? yes! It depends on a lot of factors.

Sit in the drivers seat and look out of the box for answers. That is why you want to see a doctor of the future, a doctor of Functional Medicine… a LifeStyle Medicine Practitioner. Lifestyle Medicine is endorsed by the NIH as an essential component in the treatment and management of disease that is as effective as medications without the risks and undesirable side effects. Lifestyle Medicine is the treatment of choice for prevention, and is very effective in the treatment and management of chronic illness and disease by addressing one or more of the following: diet, exercise, weight loss, stress management, non-drug approach via medical foods and targeted supplementation.

Life is too short already- do yourself a favor and look out of the box. The right answers are available and materialize one decision at a time.

The life you always dreamed of awaits you..



Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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To PRE-biotic or NOT!

Probiotics-> are the ‘GOOD’ for you bacteria. The NIH in 2012 said probiotics may help balance the immune system and support digestive health. I could not agree more, so- they are an essential add on in your diet. What are good brands? Look for live cultures of 10 – 15 Billion at the minimum! You must add this on as a supplement. Even though they might say it is shelf stable, I keep mine in the fridge. I use metagenics probiotics. I believe they are some of the best on the market. There are varying types that address gut, cardiovascular, irritable bowel, women, and men to children. The cookie cutter varieties, beware. When Metagenics ships then to you, you get these babies on ice. No other company I know does this.
Pre-biotics->  on the other hand, are sugar (carbohydrate/grain) based and are not digested by the human body. It does not make sense to add them as a supplement since they are so prevalent already in the diet. Therefore, I have never found an instance in my career that I have advised someone to take ‘probiotics’ as a supplement and because so many people have varying levels of sugar metabolism issues from hypoglycemia to glucose intolerant or insulin resistant. You know who you are… especially if your crave breads, pasta, potatoes and/or rice.
The goal is to keep the gut happy… happy gut, happy healthy life. You are not what you eat, you are what you have the ability to absorb… you need bacteria, the good bacteria to balance out the ‘bad’ to do just that.

YOGURT/KEFIR (goat is better than cow/cow should be grass fed)
SOURDOUGH (if the loaf is not heavy- you are not getting the real thing, smell it)

BANANAS (high glycemic index)
WHOLE GRAINS (grains since they are GMO – a no, no)

What to know more?