To Prevent Heart Disease STOP Looking At Cholesterol Only!

To Prevent Heart Disease STOP Looking At Cholesterol Only!


1 out of 2 people in America today give up their life to Cardiovascular Disease. Certainly looking to medicine for preventing cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and strokes is a no brainer.

Many blame high cholesterol, but that is not the culprit we make it out to be. In fact, if you are told this, you are being misled.

The REAL Clinical Factors for HIGH-RISK Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke are:

1.     Cardiac Arrhythmia (includes atrial fibrillation, interruption of the heart’s normal rhythm)

2.     Elevated Triglycerides (especially elevated ratio of Triglycerides: HDL cholesterol. Triglycerides are directly related to plaque/hardening of the arteries)

3.     Elevated Homocysteine. (a study show men with high homocysteine levels were 3X’s more likely to have hardening of the arteries)

4.     Elevated Insulin

5.     Elevated Cortisol (high cortisol levels and high blood pressure go hand and hand. People with high blood pressure have high cortisol levels)

6.     Elevated Estrogen (in relation to progesterone levels)

7.     Low Testosterone- men (men with high levels of testosterone offers approximately 5X’s more protection for the prevention of heart disease)

8.     High Testosterone- women

9.     High Lipid Peroxide (lipid peroxide is the end result of oxygen free radicals damage done to the cell membrane and, associated with Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Aging)

10.  Elevated CRP: C-reactive Protein (CRP is a biomarker for inflammatory cytokines. Studies have shown men with high CRP have 3X’s as many heart attacks and 2X’s as many strokes vs the general population.

11.  Other risk factors include inadequate: Magnesium, Fatty Acid and the Fractionating of Fats

How Do You Manage Your Risk Factors?

GOOD NEWS… if you have an imbalance that has shown up in a heart evaluation, it may be able to be remedied in as little as 2 to 6 weeks. I have witnessed high blood pressure with other risk factors return back to normal within the above time frame. Of course, results would vary from person to person depending on the complexity and compliance to lifestyle changes.

If you or someone you know needs my help, ASK. I can also help find a qualified functional medicine doctor in your area.




I have said, you are what you eat, but more importantly “you are what you have the ability to absorb.”

Farmers are feeding their livestock candy. Candy is providing an inexpensive method to deliver carbohydrates such as Skittles, gel-like bears, and other candies. For sure you do not want to eat meat that is handled and tampered with in this fashion.

Where are their ethics… it is unnatural and abusive to the animal it is health consequence is deep. We know that meat is chock full of drugs, pesticides, antibiotics and what you eat is quite the inflamed piece of meat… it is a totally different when the animal is grass fed.

Research shows that GMO foods sources like wheat and corn, processed or over pasteurized foods including soy products make you sick. These are the same food that is fed to livestock. They are bad for them and you… now you know where gut issues come from. You are eating meat that is pumped with drugs, pesticides, antibiotics to counteract the induced abnormal inflammation induced into the gut. Yuck.

In many instances like this, the animals are raised in ‘tight quarters” with not only poor food sources and lighting. Just think about the pollution side of this and the waste that gets into the watershed and soil, another contributing factor to unhealthy outcomes in those areas.

Solution: Make better choices when it comes to eating meat and poultry. Eat grass fed, pastured meats which are a Win-Win not only for us but for the animal and the environment. If you choose to eat meat you must eat the best out there.Grass fed, pasture raised, free range is always the best.

Remember, you are not what you eat, you are what you have the ability to absorb!




I am in agreement with this foods list… all are in my everyday go to foods with the exception of OJ, by the way, I do not touch the stuff.

And if you cannot remember which is the good guy or bad guy, just remember L is for Looser!

Are these foods in your everyday diet?

WebMD Slideshow today gives a list of the best food shown to help keep the ‘BAD’ cholesterol in check!


Tell me what is your biggest challenge right now with your lifestyle? Environment? Diet? Exercise? If you do not want to answer that here… please email me at



To PRE-biotic or NOT!

Probiotics-> are the ‘GOOD’ for you bacteria. The NIH in 2012 said probiotics may help balance the immune system and support digestive health. I could not agree more, so- they are an essential add on in your diet. What are good brands? Look for live cultures of 10 – 15 Billion at the minimum! You must add this on as a supplement. Even though they might say it is shelf stable, I keep mine in the fridge. I use metagenics probiotics. I believe they are some of the best on the market. There are varying types that address gut, cardiovascular, irritable bowel, women, and men to children. The cookie cutter varieties, beware. When Metagenics ships then to you, you get these babies on ice. No other company I know does this.
Pre-biotics->  on the other hand, are sugar (carbohydrate/grain) based and are not digested by the human body. It does not make sense to add them as a supplement since they are so prevalent already in the diet. Therefore, I have never found an instance in my career that I have advised someone to take ‘probiotics’ as a supplement and because so many people have varying levels of sugar metabolism issues from hypoglycemia to glucose intolerant or insulin resistant. You know who you are… especially if your crave breads, pasta, potatoes and/or rice.
The goal is to keep the gut happy… happy gut, happy healthy life. You are not what you eat, you are what you have the ability to absorb… you need bacteria, the good bacteria to balance out the ‘bad’ to do just that.

YOGURT/KEFIR (goat is better than cow/cow should be grass fed)
SOURDOUGH (if the loaf is not heavy- you are not getting the real thing, smell it)

BANANAS (high glycemic index)
WHOLE GRAINS (grains since they are GMO – a no, no)

What to know more?

Triglycerides Lowering LifeStyle Solutions

WebMD Slide presentation are all good suggestions. Sometimes doing it on your own may be overwhelming. That is why you have me! How to put it together is easier than it seems or sticking with it. Contact me, I will help you sort it all out in 5 simple steps that stops the aging process that causes chronic illness and disease and frees you up to live the great life you envisioned, with your family.

Maybe you’ve put on a few extra pounds. Now your yearly blood work comes back showing high triglycerides. These fats are an important source of energy in your body, but at high levels they can hurt your heart. Like cholesterol, triglyceride troubles can lead to clogged arteries and possibly to a heart attack or stroke. Luckily, there are many ways to lower your triglycerides, WebMD today looks at 14 of the many.